It’s not a secret that more than 65% of the fire-resistant cables (HXH-FE, HXHBH-FE, HXCH-FE) used in Ukraine are produced by INTERKABEL KYIV. So what is our success? Today we will slightly open the technological “curtain” and tell you some secrets of cable production. Let’s begin with some information.

So where fire-resistant cables are used?
Fire-resistant cables (HXH-FE, HXHBH-FE, HXCH-FE) are used to supply power to control units for elevators, pumping stations and fire-fighting equipment, the operability of which is mandatory for rescue operations in case of fire. As well as they are used  at facilities with increased fire safety requirements , due to the high concentration of people, valuable material and cultural objects such as hospitals, shopping centers, tunnels, museums, cinemas, theaters.

And how the cable operability is ensured in case of fire?
Fire-resistant cables sheathes made with polymers and insulated with organosilicon rubber, which makes them both fire-resistant and self-extinguishing. They do not self-ignite and are able to maintain their functioning even under open fire conditions. As practice has shown, the functioning is up to 3 hours of uninterrupted operation.

And what specific cable brand do you recommend?
And we recommend the following: do not spare on safety, as well as use reliable cables and wires when installing electrical wiring and fire protection systems. Our managers will help you with this: +380 (67) 559-95-80, +380 (67) 400-91-21, +380 (44) 221-54-05 , e-mail:

And in conclusion,  today we offer more than 10 options for fire-resistant cables, a complete list of which you can find by clicking on the link

Fire-resistant and halogen free cables from Interkabel Kyiv

There you can find out about other brands of cable and wire products made by our company. Just go to THE CATALOGUE OF PRODUCTION.

We are looking forward to your calls with suggestions and wishes.

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