Power fire-resistant and control cables for nuclear power engineering​

Силовые огнестойкие не экранированные HXH-FE 180/E90 LOCA, (N)HXH-FE 180/E90 LOCA

Flameproof non-shielded:

HXH-FE 180/E90 LOCA, (N)HXH-FE 180/E90 LOCA

Силовые безгалогенные не экранированные кабели ПвПГнг-HF loca, N2XH LOCA

Halogen-free non-shielded:

PvPGng-HF loca, N2XH LOCA

These cables are intended for the stationary distribution of electrical energy in dry or damp premises and for fixed installations in air or concrete. Suitable for hotels, hospitals, underground railways, airports etc. to protect people and technical building equipment in the event of fire if circuit integrity is required (circuit integrity is only maintained if these cables are installed with specified supporting elements). Not allowed for installations underground or in water. These cables are not UV-protected.

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