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Policy of quality

From the first days of our production big attention was paid to the quality of our final products. As a consequence a quality management system was established throughout the whole company. In January 2006 the company successfully passed the certification audit for the compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2000 and DSTU 9001:2000. The certification for the compliance with ISO 9001:2000 was issued by the internationally renowned certification body ‘TÜV Nord’ and for the DSTU standard by ‘UkrSEPRO’. All our final products are certified according the system of UkrSEPRO and in addition the cables with improved reaction to fire are produced and certified to the standards of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine. For cables produced according international standards also international certification were obtained. Our quality control department follows the production at all stages: great attention is already paid to the selection of raw materials - all critical components are imported from Western Europe – and only state of the art measuring systems are used to control all technical parameters throughout all stages of our production. Our certified laboratory is performing all acceptance tests and the cooperation with the leading cable testing institutes VNIIKP (Moscow) and UKRNIIKP (Berdyansk) allows to carry out all periodic tests and to jointly develop the technical conditions for the manufacturing of new products. Interkabel Kiev has a team of professionals with an extensive experience in cable manufacturing. All specialists have been trained under the guidance of engineers and technlogists of leading European companies. Many years of experience allow them to master the challenges of the newest foreign technologies in cable production and testing. In January 2009 IKK confirmed its compliance to the ISO 9000 system by successfully passing the re-audits. We received the certificate of conformity to the ISO 9001:2000 from the international certification body ‘TÜV Rheinland Intercert’ and the certificate for DSTU 901:2000 from ‘UKRSEPRO’ Clients who have worked with us know: If you need a high quality product, only take a cable produced by IKK!