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INTERKABEL KYIV is the leading manufacturer of fire-resistant cables in Ukraine and belongs to the SKB Group (Austria) whose cable production experience exceeds 125 years.

The plant produces a wide range of high quality cable products including fire-resistant non-corrosive halogen free cables, halogen free frame retardant cables, aerial bundled cables, mine cables, installation cables, flexible cables, power cables, armored cables.

We use the equipment from leading European brands Rosendahl, Tecalsa, Colmec, Queins, Gauder. The cable complies with VDE standards (Germany) and can also be adapted to the standards of most countries of the world.

The company’s products are used in construction, industrial, infrastructure projects in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and CIS countries. Our cables operate in tunnels, subways, airports, nuclear power plants, coal mines and industrial enterprises in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova.

We are open for cooperation and are ready to create cables of the required design in accordance with customer requirements.



Our company began to work in 2004, having taken the principle of “quality and innovation” as the basis from the first days of its activity, we invariably went our own way of development, improving the production process.

Factory contruction begins in 12km from Kyiv, in the Kyivo-Svjatoshinskyi region of Kyiv region.
Greenfield project on the 4.5 hectares.

Mounting, adjustment and start-up of the equipment for cable production.

Start of the serial production of cables and wires, enter the Ukrainian market.

Production was certified according to ISO 9001:2000 TUV NORD and product certification UkrSEPRO.

Entering the European holding SKB-Group. Development and realisation of the enterprise’s development strategy.
Implementation of the new investment projects for self-bearing insulated conductors and flame-resistant halogen-free cables.

Changing of the corporate style, including new name “Interkabel Kyiv” and new logo. Successful finishing of the investment project, start-up of the new equipment, manufacturing and certification of thу new products – self-bearing
insulated conductors and fire-resistant hallogen-free cables.

“Interkabel Kyiv” enters the top-five of the biggest cable producers in Ukraine, and appreciateв as the first fomestic
producer of the fire-resistant hallogen-free cables with silicone.

IKK becomes fourth largest cable producer in Ukraine; exclusive supply of Metro in Kazakhstan; start of export of halogen cables to Germany.

Significant increase in turnover and participation at all major projects for Euro-Championship 2012 like airports, stadiums, hotels etc.; export of aerial cables to Georgia.

Our Company implements the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system to manage its business processes.

Production and supply of fire-resistant cable for the sarcophagus at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

IKK is developing a 6kV fire-resistant cable with silicon-organic rubber for supplies for NAEK Energoatom for the reconstruction of all nuclear power plants.

Development and production of power flexible heat-resistant cables up to 250 ° C.


SKB-GROUP is an operatively-lead family business. The foundation-stone was laid in 1891 by our great-grandfather. Even today, after more than 100 years, we still put emphasis on the basic values of a family business: reliability and responsibility.



We have been working at SKB-GROUP since 2007. SKB-GROUP has a long and successful tradition that would not have been possible without a solid foundation of ethical and moral principles. We strive to continue to integrate this integrity into our daily activities and consider the personal responsibility of each employee to be integral part of that commitment.

This Code of Conduct and related regulations do not seek to “invent” new approaches. Instead, they seek to clearly demonstrate the commitments that we must fulfill now.


“Intercable Kiev” is a unique enterprise of the Ukrainian cable and wiring industry, which occupies a leading position in the production and sale of cable and wiring products that meet modern and long-term expectations of consumers.

From the first days of the plant’s work, great attention was paid to the quality of products; therefore, the creation of a quality management system for an enterprise was quite natural. In January 2006, the company successfully passed certification audits for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 and DSTU ISO 9001.

All products of Intercable Kiev LLC comply with the Technical Regulations of Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment, and underwent voluntary certification, including compliance with fire safety requirements at the State Certification Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine.

Showing care for the environment, in 2017 the company introduced an environmental management system and successfully passed a certification audit for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: 2015. Without failing to follow the basic principles of the standard, the company complies with the requirements of environmental legislation, resulting in the development and implementation of effective programs for the disposal and recycling of waste, the commissioning of an automated electricity metering system, which allows you to carefully spend natural resources. Constant increase in staff knowledge in the field of environmental management, allows you to engage all employees of the company in the process of improving environmental performance. Since the first certification, the integrated management system has been regularly checked by the certification body TÜV SÜD and the validity period of the certificates has not been interrupted since 2006.

The management of Intercable Kiev LLC, being the guarantor of meeting the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, based on risk-oriented thinking and a clear understanding of the context of the enterprise, requirements and expectations of interested parties, implements the quality policy and objectives planning, execution, analysis and continuous improvement. 


We comply with CPR requirements

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 305/2011 (CPR – Construction Products Regulation) and Commission Decision 2011/284 / EC, which are implemented in the Ukrainian legislation, cables must comply with CPR and Directive 2014/35 / EC (LVD – Low Voltage Directive ), on the basis of which the Technical Regulation for low-voltage electrical equipment was developed.

To assess the conformity of cables according to the national LVD, national standards are used which are identical to harmonized European standards or international standards adopted as harmonized European standards or other national standards or other technical specifications that are technical specifications and conformity assessment procedure defined and described in LVD.

To assess the conformity of cables according to the national CPR, national standards identical to harmonized European standards, European evaluation documents, other national standards and national documents of Ukraine for the assessment and system of assessment and verification of the stability of indicators, determined in accordance with Commission Decision 2011/284 / EC, will be applied. and described in the specified regulatory technical specifications.

Classification of cables for reaction to fire according to CPR is defined in the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/364 and implemented in EN 13501-5: 2018 (DSTU EN 13501-6: 2019 (to be adopted this year)). The classification defined in this standard is a reference in the standard technical specification – EN 50575: 2014 (DSTU EN 50575: 2018).

In 2017, cables manufactured by IKK successfully passed the classification for reaction to fire (EN 13501-6) in the laboratory of PRAKAB.

Result: B2ca(s1,d0).

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